After receiving my B.S. in Health Sciences from Howard University in 2000, I worked in various health care settings, including hospitals and private practices.  During that time I found myself unsatisfied with being a part of a health care system that did not focus enough on primary prevention. I have always aimed to work with the body to improve overall health. While invasive treatments and medicine are sometimes necessary for severe ailments, I believe that if each individual finds the right balance between diet and lifestyle, they can overcome many health challenges. I have used this principle in my own life, including trying times when my husband and I could not afford health insurance for ourselves and our two young children. In those times I was able to keep my children healthy with a strict regimen of nutritious meals with no allowance for processed or pre-prepared foods. My personal and professional experiences lead me to study integrative nutrition, which I believe provides the tools for living a healthy and happy life. I am very excited to serve as your holistic coach and guide you toward reaching your optimal health.
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