Dear Simin,

At the hardest time of my life I was lucky enough to be introduced to you! The time that I needed

someone to listen to me with no judgement and guide me like I was the most important person in

 her life!! You did all that and more.. 

Simin You helped me to see my strength and made me realize that I am so powerful and I can

achieve anything I want in this life! You gave me all that when I needed the most..

You care so deeply and passionately that I can't even describe!! You were like a mother, like a

sister with all the knowledge possible to change my life for better!!

Today I am way stronger mentally and physically, With all the tools you gave me! 

I had goals when I started with you to get my certificate, to get healthy, to feel strong, to know

what I really want and more...

My Dear Simin with tears in my eyes I confess I have achieved them all and I will continue to get

 better in all aspect of life, and it's all because of you.. 

I truly and deeply appreciate all that you have done for me and I love you always..



Healing hands! I have had several Reiki procedures with Simin and was amazed with how relaxed and energized I felt afterwards. This is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it for everyone!

Pouya Barrach-Yousefi

Software Architect, Microsoft Engineer, Project Manager

Dear Simin,

I would like to take this time and thank you for my Reiki treatment session  that I recently had with you.  I have to say, at first, I was skeptical. This was my first Reiki session ever!  You have such a calming and soothing being that as soon as you came into the room I felt that.  I felt the heat and energy through your hands.  I became so relaxed and at peace that I think I even fell sleep.  Thank you again 

Dr Jamal Yousefi

Plastic Surgeon


The whole experience was amazing.  I felt very relax and calm.  Simin was very friendly and welcoming. 

The room was very peaceful and calming, with candles burning and beautiful music playing. 

 During the treatment I felt so much warm energy and heat from Simin’s hands. 

I highly recommend it.  If done regularly, I am sure that lots of sickness can be avoided.

 Arsha Pamir Yousefi

Fashion/ Image Consultant

Business women


Simin is my mother. 

Throughout my childhood, she would insist on 'holistic' answers to any problem I faced. Of course, being the difficult daughter I am, I was always extremely dismissive of her ideas, and would be quick to pop a Tylenol and go on my way. When she began her Reiki work, I was true to form, incredibly dismissive and doubtful. 

But one day, I had gone through all my excuses and had to appease my mother, and let her have a session with me. During the session I felt myself becoming calmer, but it was after I returned home that night that I felt the true affects. My body felt drained. I slept for what felt like 3 days, but more likely was around 10 hours. Since that time, when nothing makes me feel better, be it from a cold, hangover, or stress, Reiki has become the thing I turn to when I'm too exhausted to waste my time on other remedies. Reiki works. And that's coming from a stubborn daughter who never wants to admit her mother was right.  


Program Analyst at USDA 

 Dear Simin,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your powerful Reiki session. I have received much Reiki session from different people in past; however, yours was very powerful.

I enjoyed it very much; it is clear that you have a powerful hand which possesses a healing energy.  Please take care of your gift and share it with others that are in need of your service.


Yaffa Price

IT Manager

I have been having a difficult time following the death of my dad. After the first session with Simin, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out, and walked away with a stronger sense of myself.

The subsequent sessions helped me to build upon my "letting go" and moving forward.

 Simin's enthusiasm and genuine care made Reiki a powerful experience for me. She is an amazing Reiki Master, and I am privileged to recommend her as a healer.

If you are prepared to put some work in yourself, she will absolutely help you to make your life better.




Simin is a knowledgeable, honest professional who helped me more than I can say. She is very supportive no matter where you are in your life and where you start your journey. Simin's Reiki's sessions have had profound effects in my life. I'm a believer in the power of meditation.

What I discovered through Reiki was a whole new way to quiet my mind,set intentions in my life and let the universe do the magic. Simin is very caring with positive energy which has set apart my experience in her sessions. She guided me through her sessions to explore my deeper self and creative being. She gave me the opportunity to turn off the outside world, and my mind was left free to explore rather amazing things. In her sessions, I was taken away from this world of suffering into the world of happiness,joy and bliss, and discovered myself, who I really was. As I got deeper into my experiences, I came nearer to the source of my being. I came to a point that I was completely relaxed and my body was given this amazing energy, my tensions were released and I felt lighter and more vibrant.

I'm so glad she has walked into my journey... 

Pedramin Vaziri



Dear Simin:  Although I'm an avid follower of meditation and various holistic practices, I had never heard of Reiki until you told me about it.  It was not only an immediately-transforming experience, it opened my eyes to my own chakra points and energy!  I really felt like you were a natural in detecting where I was blocked, and you were so compassionate in helping me work on myself and unblocking my energy.  Our Reiki session was so effective that during the experience, I was seeing vivid colors and feeling a sense of calm come over me.  I felt light as a feather afterward, and I will never forget it.  Thank you so much, I can't wait to have another Reiki session with you. 


My Reiki experience with Simin Mahmoudi,

I did a total of three Reiki treatments with Simin, each of which proved to be extremely eye-opening and stimulating, all the while still relaxing. One of the most memorable sessions was my third treatment. During the middle of the treatment, I felt a surge of energy rush over my body from my head down to my feet. Afterwards, Simin told me that at that exact moment, she saw something that resembled a sunset, with the sun rushing down from my head to my feet and a flash of brilliant colors following it. Like that unique moment, the other relaxing and uplifting experiences I had during these three sessions were definitely worthwhile.


Law Student


I received a few Reiki sessions from Simin, each nurturing a unique experience. I felt very comfortable and relaxed from the moment I laid down. I felt trusting and way immediately able to go into a meditative state. It was a reflective experience for me and I was able to easily sense the reiki energy travel throughout my body where it needed to go. Simin was able to channel the universal energy very fluidly.

Lots of love,

Neda Movahed

College Student 

Simin is a very unique and caring person with a very positive energy. My health has improved dramatically during my time with her. Simin’s coaching has helped me to realize how certain lifestyle choices were affecting my physical and emotional health. She gave me concrete advice and feedback that I was able to use in my daily life. Her coaching brought me self awareness and self love. I now cook more home meals, set aside time for myself, and really appreciate myself as a person. I will definitely use Simin’s services again. Her personal approach and commitment make for a very productive and successful coaching experience.

Maryam Baik

Founder/President-Signature Properties, LLC


Simin is my mother. The first time I received a Reiki treatment from her I did so out of mild curiosity and I was mostly apathetic. In the first treatment I felt parts of my body burning up in areas where I held the most tension. I felt more relaxed than before the treatment but my experience was not a dramatic one. My curiosity had peaked enough to return for a second treatment. Soon into the treatment, my entire body felt a complete release and I went into the deepest relaxation that I have ever experienced. It is not really something that I can express in words. To say that I was relaxed is an understatement. Not only did all the tension leave my body and my mind stop running, but I felt peaceful and happy. I fell into a deep sleep. Simin slowly woke me after I had been sleeping for awhile, but if she hadn’t, I could have continued to sleep there for hours. The remainder of the day I was not only able to focus on my work, but also more fully enjoy my interactions with others. Now I find myself begging her for Reiki sessions, hoping she can fit me in!


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